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Responsive Homepage Redesign

My goal was to update the look and feel to be more streamlined and enrich the experience across all devices.

bootstrap js framework

responsive design

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the Design



Current homepage
Past Homepage

My Process & Thoughts

A deeper look


Responsive Grid

Having a responsive grid was essential and BootStrap was the best solution for this since it had the most flexibility. I tried using other responsive grids but I felt they were too limiting and harder to implement.


Responsive Images

Due to the layouts we wanted for desktop and mobile the carousel images had to be different. The mobile carousel is more of a square and desktop is a slim rectangle. We were able to cover all device sizes only using 2 images. This was seen as a huge time saver for production and also coding teams.

the Wireframes

These were created in Adobe XD and was used to get sign-off from upper management before development was started. 

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