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Hello,  my name is Brick

I am always chasing great fundamentals for digital products such as best in class coding practices, simple effective user-centered design, constant experimentation & optimization workflows and delivering unique user journeys through personalization & segmentation.

My Big 5 Journey

Building the Foundation

The new Digital Marketing Dept. consisted of 2 total people. We created a multi-channel brand and marketing strategy that resonated with our users. We did campaigns that had a rich message beyond product and price, which resonated with customers. I created design systems and workflows to speed up content creation but keep a consistent aesthetic across all channels. We did not have any infrastructure or budget for anything so I did what I could with what I had which really pushed me to be innovative and creative.

Keeping it Going

Our duo quickly became a group to meet the demands of our department goals. In order to keep the train moving the right direction I took on as much as I could including Copywriter, Lead Designer, Lead Developer, Coding and Marketing Content Coordinator were my primary functions. As a manager of both the designers and developers things started to get done seamlessly  since I could focus more on design systems, workflows and training.

Finding Success

The department started to run on its own once the basics started to formalize. I was able to step back and get away from the day-to-day task of managing and producing campaigns. Currently I solely focus on our websites user experience and development initiatives.

The website needed a facelift so I did a full redesign using a mobile first design approach which got high praise from upper management.

From People That Know Me

Rikke Alderson, Senior Digital Marketing Executive

Big 5 Sporting Goods

Michael is one of the most responsible, creatively talented and smart people I have worked with. He was my right hand guy as we developed and launched Big 5's digital and Ecommerce business. His holistic approach to creative was invaluable. I couldn't recommend him higher.

Robert Verrilli, Senior User Experience Manager

Kelly Blue Book

Mike is not only reliable and dedicated, he has a broad range of skills from Design, UX and Development that helps you understand what a great designer really is. I had the pleasure of working on a major project with Mike and hope to work together again soon.

Coby King, Senior Vice President

MWW Group

At MWW Group, Mike exceeded our expectations under tight deadlines and small budgets. His creative decisions and practical business sense put us in a position to be successful. His creativity brought our ideas to life and gave our work a fresh perspective. He is a great addition to any business that needs a website and design professional that can get things done from concept to completion.

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